Government Benefit Eligibility Management

BMT, through its Benefit Eligibility Management team, provides various services to achieve the appropriate level of participation in various government and employment-based benefit programs. Religious institutes may use our services on a short-term consulting basis, or may elect to outsource the management of all benefit enrollments to our expert consultants. Our assistance may include some or all of the following:

  • Explanation of various government programs including: Social Security (RSDI) income; Supplemental Security Income (SSI); Medicare A, B and D; Medicaid; Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB); Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary (SLMB); Qualified Individuals 1  (QI-1); and the Low Income Subsidy (LIS or "Extra Help") Program for    Medicare D
  • Education of leadership or of gatherings of the members to the scope of programs, eligibility factors, and the financial impact of participation 
  • Exploration of the reasons why it is appropriate and ethical for members of religious institutes to participate in benefit programs
  • Evaluation or "audit" of current participation in available government programs and potential eligibility for additional participation
  • Analysis of potential financial impact of expanded participation in various benefits for the individual religious and for the institute
  • Consultant oversight of institute's in-house Benefit Eligibility Coordinator
  • Management of all aspects of the benefit enrollment process for members of the religious institute
  • Assistance with enrollment into employment-based insurance, Medicare Supplement programs, and other insurance benefits
  • Assistance with obtaining Medical Debit Cards for members of the institute
  • Evaluation of the pros and cons of participation in PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) Programs (where available)
  • Management of medical bill processing
  • Telephone support services



"The Sisters of Charity (Halifax)'s involvement with BMT now spans two years. During that time, the company has provided us with highly competent, professional and friendly staff helping to ensure the effective and efficient operation of the finances at our Boston office."
–Sr. Joan Butler, SC
Sisters of Charity, Halifax

"John Tortolani provided me with excellent assistance and insight on all matters related to our property sale. He was not only an excellent consultant; he was a partner with me and brought invaluable insight and expertise to the table in the marketing and final negotiations of the sale."
–Robert A. Twele, OFM
Catholic Relief Services

"John Tortolani provided me with excellent assistance and insight on all matters related to our property sale. He was not only an excellent consultant; he was a partner with me and brought invaluable insight and expertise to the table in the marketing and final negotiations of the sale."
–Robert A. Twele, OFM
Catholic Relief Services

"Connie Neeson and her BMT Benefit Eligibility Management Team have been an outstanding asset for the Sisters of Providence.
The team manages the government programs for all our sisters. I have complete confidence in the work these wonderful women do with our sisters with regard to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, SSI, etc,. Without the Benefit Eligibility Management Team we would not have the financial help from the programs for which we qualify.
We are so grateful that we were the first congregation that Connie worked with to enroll us in these programs.
Now there are so many other congregations sharing in the expertise possessed by Connie and her entire team. What wonderful, helpful, beneficial service is provided to religious congregations by this team of women."
–Sister Nancy Reynolds, SP
Sisters of Providence, St. Mary of the Woods, IN

"Our Congregation used to have separate databases for Sisters' personal information: Social Security income, Insurance, etc.
Now it's all easily accessible in an eye appealing format in BEATRICE (BMT's web-based data management tool) -- it saves a lot of time looking for what we need.

In the short nine months we've been with the Benefit Eligibility Management Team of Brenner, McDonagh and Tortolani, in accessing government benefits for us, they have both, greatly increased our income and decreased our expenses as well as taken a lot of work out of the Treasurer's Office!"
–Sister M. Veronica Robert,O Carm
Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm, Germant

"Thanks much for bringing to a successful conclusion the BMT assessment project. The insights and recommendations presented will be valuable in our planning during many years to come."
–Sister Christa Franzer
Sisters of St. Francis

"It is difficult to adequately convey my gratitude to the BMT firm for your decades of commitment to and support of Mercy Providence.
Know that BMT has my sincere best wishes for continued blessings and success in your service to religious congregations."
–Marypatricia Murphy, RSM
Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

"Your advice and expertise has proven very valuable to us over the last several years. In particular, Bob Moody as a member of the Investment Advisory Committee and Peter Kandel assisting with accounting issues."
–Br. David Turmel
Brothers of Holy Cross, Eastern Province

"It was a joy to have Peter Kandel and Kate McDonnell with us at La Reina High School. They were extraordinary with their professionalism, patience and encouragement.
Both spent the time they needed to leave us with basic reports that will enable us to move forward."
–Sr. LaReina Kelly, SND
La Reina High School, Thousand Oaks, CA

"Kelly Murphy is well informed on the operating aspects of a religious institute's finance office and provides me with key viewpoints and alternative operating ideas.
She has performed these services and numerous others in a very energetic, professional and competent manner."
–Sr. M. Jeremiah O'Sullivan, mfic
Missionary Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Co

"John Tortolani has worked with us in the financing of the construction of our new motherhouse building and the completion of the sale of two elementary schools.
He continues to be our representative in the sale of our previous motherhouse building and about forty acres of land.
John has always been a highly respected consultant whom I would strongly recommend for any service he felt qualified to offer."
–Sr. Olivia Reginella
Sisters of the Catholic Apostolate

"Are you in good hands?" Well I think we
are in GOOD HANDS thanks to all of you at BMT" –Sister Mary Francis, OBS
Blessed Sacrament Monastery, NY

Lorraine Golio was a wonderful resource and help when we suddenly were left without an HR Director. She quickly understood us as a community and the type of person we needed. Lorraine found just the right person for us. During our search she also efficiently researched the new MA earned sick leave law and composed the policy for it and helped us with several other HR issues. Thank you Lorraine! Thank you BMT!
–Sister Annette Laliberte, p.m.
Sisters of the Presentation of Mary

To: Nadine Veletanga
Thanks were expressed at each of our meetings. I personally want to thank you for your dedication, professionalism, clarity and sensitivity to prepare a report that helps us understand our reality, the challenges and the unknowns we cannot predict. I hope you sense the confidence our sisters have in you and the real awareness of your wholehearted commitment to help us steward our resources.
Thank you!
–Sr. Helen Kearney, President,
CSJ - Brentwood, NY

"We could never thank you adequately for your service to us over the years – TEN STARS!"
–Sr. Patricia Flattery
Congregation de Notre Dame – Wilton, CT